Cool that you want to know more about how we started! It all begin with a simple idea. To bring fashion to world but keeping in mind that it is a large polluter. So we should be aware that the environmental damage is increasing as the fashion industry is growing. The fashion industry is a major water consumer.  Huge quantity of fresh water are used for the dyeing and finishing process for fashing.  As reference, it can take up to 200 tons of fresh water per ton of dyed fabric! With our swimwear we want to bring awareness. We care about the earth as much as about fashion.

So what we wanted is to bring swimwear to the market but that had to be eco friendly from A to Z and affordable. We use ECONYL® for our swimwear. It takes recycled materials to a whole new level by turning waste into resource. To make ECONYL®, waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric and fishing nets from oceans is recycled and regenerated into a new nylon yarn that is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon.

Thank you for reading and showing interest about us.