Secoly values your privacy.


What we use your personal information for
Secoly keeps confidential all personally identifiable information you provide us. If you register your details with us, or enter your e-mail your information allows us to communicate with you about our products, promotions and activities. The information that you provide us through our website will be used to update our customer database. This information is for our internal use only, and is used for the purpose of customer communication. If you purchase any of your products online, we will also use the information you provide us to process your order and its delivery to you.

Accessing your information
We like to know that the personal information you provide us is accurate, complete and up to date. If you notice that your personal information is missing or incorrect, you can update your details online on our website. So that we can continue to offer you great offers and promotion info, we give you the opportunity to say yes to being contacted by Sunburn by email. This is totally your choice and you can opt out of the future contact whenever you want.

Sharing information with third parties
We promise that when you provide us with personal information, it will only be used by Secoly. We will not share the information third parties except to disclose:

  • your name (and possibly your suburb) if you win a Secoly competition; or
  • your name and postal address to organisations that assist us with customer communications (to be used solely for that purpose).

Deleting information
We ensure that any personal information we no longer need is either destroyed or that you become permanently unidentifiable from the information.

Cardholder account data
Secoly does not store any cardholder data, all credit card payment services are secure and are handled by Stripe.

Stripe Security Standards
We prioritise protecting your personal and order information and have created a secure online shopping environment . The focus of our security is centred around the safe processing and storage of sensitive personal Credit Card, Charge Card and Direct Entry information. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance is a strict security standard the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard) have introduced globally to ensure personal information is properly protected. SecurePay holds the highest level of PCI DSS accreditation.

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Contact us
If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on [email protected]